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Department of Chemistry
Chair of Chemical Kinetics
Moscow M.V.Lomonosov University
Vorob'evy Gory, Moscow, Russia 119899

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4.12.1970 was born

~1.5.1974-20.6.1978 Kindergarden

1.9.1978-25.06.1988 Elementary School (8 years) + High Chemistry School (2 years)

1.9.1988-29.06.1993 Student of Chemistry Dept. of Moscow State University

1.7.1993 - till present Junior Researcher of Lab. of Photochemistry, Chem. Dept, MSU

9.5.1996 - 20.07.1996 Max-Planck-Institut fur biophysikalische Chemie, Goettingen, Germany

16.7.1996 - till present PhD student of Karpov"s Institute of Physical Chemistry

OCCUPATION: Junior researcher.

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS: photoinduced electron transfer reactions in polar media, exciplex formation


Kuzmin M.G., Sadovskii N.A., Weinstein Ju.A., Kutsenok O.I.
"Exciplex Mechanism of Flourescence Quenching in Polar Media". Proc. Indian Acad.Sci-Chem.Sci., 105(6), pp.637-649, 1993.
O.I.Kutsenok, N.V.Korzakova, D.N.Dogadkin, I.V.Soboleva, M.G.Kuzmin
"Solvent Effect on Exciplex Polarity and Spectral Shift". XVIth IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, Helsinki, Finland, July 21-26, 1996, Book of Abstracts, p. 346.
N.A.Sadovskii, O.I.Kutsenok, Ju.A.Weinstein, M.G.Kuzmin.
"Spectral Properties and Electronic Structure of Aromatic Compounds Exciplexes in Acetonitrile". J. of Physical Chemistry (in Russian), 70(11), pp.2008-2013, 1996.
Full text in Russian you may get here
N.A.Sadovskii, O.I.Kutsenok, Ju.A.Weinstein, M.G.Kuzmin.
"Kinetic and Thermodynamic Properties of Aromatic Compounds Exciplexes in Acetonitrile". J. of Physical Chemistry (in Russian), 70(12), pp.2194-2197, 1996.
Full text in Russian you may get here
Oleg I. Kutsenok, Irina V. Soboleva, Michael G. Kuzmin, Klaas A. Zachariasse
"Kinetics of low-polar exciplexes formation". XVIIIth International Conference on Photochemistry, Warsaw, Poland August 3-8, 1997, Book of Abstracts, p.1P48

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