Vladimir Vasilievich Chernyshev


OCCUPATION: Senior Researcher. Graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University (1978). Ph.D. in physics and mathematics (1988).

SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: the theory and the practice of precise diffraction experiment in crystallography. Mathematical description of atomic structure of crystals.

Dr. V.V. Chernyshev has a 10-years experience in conducting of precise X-ray diffraction experiments on single-crystal diffractometer CAD4. He is the author of a computer program package for precise X-ray experimental data processing up to electron density distribution. Since 1988 Dr. V.V. Chernyshev has been working on the software developing for two RTOF diffractometers in Russia in association with Dr. V.A. Trunov (Nuclear Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Gatchina) and Dr. A.M. Balagurov (Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches, Dubna). Dr. V.V. Chernyshev is a co-author of two books on X-ray single crystal diffraction theory and has more than 40 scientific publications.


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