The Laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics


The Laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics was organized in 1930 by Prof. Adam V. Rakovskii (1879-1941). From 1943 to 1976 Prof. Yakov I. Gerassimov was the head of the Laboratory. Five doctors of science, 48 PhD's, more than 200 MSc's have been raised in the Laboratory.


30 workers including 17 scientific workers and 3 associated professors. Doctors of science - 2, PhD's - 12, female - 16, male - 14.

The head: Prof. Gennady F. Voronin

Main directions of researches:

Main recent results are connected with studying high-temperature superconductors. The set of self-consistent thermodynamic functions of solid phases in the system Y-Ba-Cu-O has been obtained, thermodynamic models of solid solutions have been suggested, phase diagrams, stable and metastable equilibria with superconductors phases "123", "247", "124" have been computed. Thermodynamic properties other would-be-superconductors in this system have been estimated.

Lecture courses:

Web Server of the Laboratory

Thermodynamic calculation of yttrium-barium-copper-oxygen phase diagram