Laboratory of the Theory and Mechanisms of Organic Reactions

of the division of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY

Head of the laboratory - Professor Kim P. Butin, Ph.D.

The group of theoretical problems of organic chemistry was organized by academician O.A. Reutov in 1958. The purpose of the group was to develop the theoretical research in the field of organic chemistry. Academicians O.A. Reutov and I.P. Beletskaya, professors V.I. Sokolov, A.L. Kurz, K.P. Butin and many other scientists worked in this group. In 1993 it was decided to organize laboratory of the theory and mechanisms of organic reactions as a separate subdivision.


Scientific activity

Research of the mechanisms of organic and organometallic reactions using experimental (mainly electrochemical, kinetic and spectroscopic) and theoretical (quantum-chemical) methods and, mainly those reactions, in which one can expect intermediate formation of ion-radicals, ion-radical pairs or charge transfer complexes. The purpose is to estimate the scope of reactions in chemistry and degree of gravity of reactions of one-electronic carry as of a fundamental principle in theory of chemical reactionary ability.



Selected publications

S.Z. Vazadze, N.V. Zyk, R.D. Rakhimov, K.P. Butin, N.S. Zefirov.
Complexing properties of 3,7-diąząbicyclo [3.3.1] nonanes. Izv.RAS, Ser. Khim., N 3, 456-459 (1995) (in Russian).
V.Ya. Lee, A.A. Basova, I.A. Matchkarovskaya, V.I. Faustov, M.P. Egorov, R.D. Rakhimov, K.P. Butin.
Redox properties of dihalogermylenes, dihalostannylenes and their complexes with Lewis bases. J.Organometal.Chem. 499, 27-34 (1995).
T.V. Magdesieva, I.I. Kukhareva, G.A. Artamkina, K.P. Butin, I.P. Beletskaya.
Electrochemically Induced Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution with [5-C5H5) Fe (CO) 2] - and [5-C5H5) Mo (CO) 3] - Anions. J.Organometal.Chem. 468, 213-221 (1994).
K.P. Butin, A.A. Moiseeva, I.G. Il'ina, E.V. Ivanova.
Valuation of force acceptor fragment in intramolecular charge transfer complexes from electrochemical data. Vestn.Mosk.Univ. Ser. Khimiya 35, 82-84 (1994).

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