Laboratory of Laser Diagnostics

of the division of LASER CHEMISTRY

Nikita B. Zorov, Professor, Dr.Sci. - head of the laboratory

The laboratory was organized in 1988.


Selected publications

Yu.Ya. Kuzyakov and N.B. Zorov.
Atomic ionization spectrometry: prospects and results. CRC Crit.Rev.Anal.Chem. 20, 221-291 (1988).
Yu.Ya. Kuzyakov, N.B. Zorov, A.A. Gorbatenko, and V.I. Beketov.
Determination of refractory elements by laser-induced ionization spectrometry of molecular species in seeded flames. AIP Conf.Proc. 329, 535-538 (1995).
A.A. Gorbatenko, Yu.Ya. Kuzyakov, A.R. Murtazin, and N.B. Zorov.
Laser microprobe sampling and laser-enhanced ionization spectrometry in flames for surface analysis. AIP Conf.Proc. 329, 105-108 (1995).
N.B. Zorov.
Non flame reservoirs for laser-enhanced ionization spectrometry. In: Laser-Enhanced Ionization Spectrometry, edited by J.C. Travis and G.C. Turk, Chemical Analysis Series, vol.136, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York), p. 233-263 (1996).
V.I. Beketov, V.Z. Parchinskii, and N.B. Zorov.
Effects of high-frequency electromagnetic treatment on the solid phase extraction of aqueous benzene, naphtalene and phenol. J.of Chromatography A 731, 65-73 (1996).

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