D.I. Mendeleev A.M.Butlerov

Chair of Chemical Kinetics
Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics

Scientific researches in the Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics

  • Reactions of cation-radicals of bi-functional electronic-excited organic compounds.
    “Matrix” effects in chemistry of electronic-excited cation-radicals.
  • Photoactive molecular and supramolecular systems on the base of coordination compounds: creation of effective solar energy conversion systems and biomolecular probes. Molecular rotors.
  • Relation between structure of ionic liquids and intra- and intermolecular dynamics of spin probes.
  • Molecular mobility and elementary act of reactions in solid disordered media.
    Novel liquid crystalline and photoactive materials based on stable organic radicals.
  • Donor-acceptor cyclopropanes as ambiphylic reagents in catalytic reactions for synthesis of carbo- and heterocycles.
  • Mechanisms of dioxygen oxidative action on organic and inorganic substrates in fluorinated media.
  • Dynamic parameters of arranged protein systems for estimation of biological activity of chemical compounds.
    Developing of new medicaments.
  • Novel syntheses of isolated precursors of catalytic reactions of chlorohydrocarbons on surfaces of supporters, in ionic liquids and solids.
    Composition and structure of metalloorganic products of photolysis of copper (II) complexes, quantum-chemical modeling of structures and spectral characteristics.
  • Spin-probe method for investigation of rotational mobility, orientational alignment of molecules in polymers, liquid crystals, glassy media.

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