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Chair of Chemical Kinetics
Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics

History of the Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics

Emanuel N.M.

Nikolai M. Emanuel


The laboratory of Chemical Kinetics was established in 1974. Academician N.M. Emanuel (1915 - 1984) was the head of the Laboratory for ten years. Prof. M.Ya. Melnikov is the head of the Laboratory from 1985 up to now. Initially, three scientific groups have been formed (groups of R.E.Mardaleyshvili, V.S.Gurman, N.V.Fock).

Gurman V.S.

Vladimir S. Gurman

Fock N.V.

Natalia V. Fock

Mardaleyshvili R.E.

Rem E. Mardaleyshvili

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