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Nikolai Markovich Emanuel (1915 - 1984)

Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics

Emanuel N.M.

Nikolai M. Emanuel is outstanding scientist and teacher, eminent organizer of chemical science in the USSR. His name is associated with fundamental progress in theory of chain reactions with degenerate branching, polymer stabilization, creation of novel medicaments, kinetics and mechanisms of important biological processes.
In 1944 N.M. Emanuel joined the Chair of Chemical Kinetics, in 1950 he became Professor of Lomonosov MSU. In 1974 N.M. Emanuel established the Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics.


1958 Lenin Prize for researches in the field of chain reactions.
1981 Prize of Council of Ministers of the USSR for creation, researches and implementation of new medicament "Dibunol"
1983 USSR State Prize for investigation of physicochemical mechanisms of free-radical oxidation of lipids in biological membranes.

N.M. Emanuel - corresponding member of Academy of Science of USSR (1958), full member of Academy of Science of USSR (1966), academician of the branch of General and Technical Chemistry of Academy of Science of USSR (1975).

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