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Scientific conference

Women in chemistry:
biographical portrait,
contribution to the education and science,
and recognition

Chemistry Department of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
June 16-17, 2011

General Assembly of UNO has unanimously adopted the resolution in the support of the IUPAC proposal to announce 2011 as International Year of Chemistry. It is believed that the activity in the frames of this initiative will promote popularization of the role of chemistry in the solving of the global problems of humanity, in the formation stably developing society and it will simultaneously stir up the activity of national chemical societies and educational organizations in this direction. Besides 2011 is the year of centenary of Mary Sklodowskaya-Curie’s awarding by the Nobel Prize. She was the first female Nobel Prize winner. International recognition of this outstanding woman and scientist serves as a wonderful example for the young people who have chosen chemistry as the basis for the carrier, and makes it possible to commemorate the important contribution of women in the development of chemistry as a science. 

Gender asymmetry which had existed in education and science until XIX century inevitably leaded to professional discrimination of women, made impossible for them to be realized in many professions, including chemistry. But as early as the second half of XIX century the break-through in the understanding of women role in the global society was achieved. Especially in Russia women received possibility of professional realization in chemical science and education through  different ways starting from 1870’s on. Thus in the Moscow University laboratory of Prof. V.V. Markovnikov in 1870-80’s Yu.V.Lermontova and E.A.Fomina-Zhukovskaya were working, later Z.V.Kikina, the disciple of M.I. Konovalov, who was her teacher in the Highest Women Courses, started her professional activity in the same lab. After the revolution of 1917 the equal rights for women and men in access to education were announced in Russia. As a result already in 1920-s the share of women in universities had become as much as 30% of the total students’ number and continued to grow up. Women received a possibility to teach in universities and became members of administrative bodies of science and higher educational establishments.

The first Russian conference devoted to women in chemistry and their contribution to the development of chemical education and science will be held in the Chemistry Department of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University June 16-17 2011.

The topics will include:

Women’s higher education  in Russia and abroad (professors who were teaching chemistry in the universities and on the Highest Women Courses; their contribution into the professional growth of the first women-chemists, organization of the women’s teaching and scientific work in higher educational institutions)

 Female chemists in education and science (first women –members of scientific societies in the field of chemistry and natural science; women -  university teachers, college teachers; women in scientific and industrial labs etc.)

Russian will be the official language of the conference; abstracts and presentations in English are also allowed.

Information for participants

The Organizing Committee welcomes proposals (abstracts)  for individual papers  from historians and chemists, graduate students and independent researchers. Each participant can submit only one proposal. Both paper and poster sessions are planned. The proposals submitted will be considered by the committee for both types of sessions as appropriate.

All proposals should be submitted online at the conference website (, in the field “subject” of the letter please type “abstract from (your family name)”) until January 31, 2011. All proposals must be single-spaced and in Times New Roman, font size 12 points. The margins of the A4 page should be 25 mm  all round, up to 3 pages.

Please add completed registration form.

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Accommodation is possible in Moscow University hotel (up to 40$). If you need more comfortable accommodation please book the hotel in Moscow separately.

Please note that visa is necessary to visit Russia

Please note that no financial assistance can be given by Organizing Committee

Key dates

Registration form and abstract submission

31 January 2011

Confirmation of abstract approval        

28 February 2011

Second circular dissemination  (preliminary programme)

15 May 2011

Registration fee (75 euro) for foreign participants should be paid only by cash at the beginning of the conference.

If you have any queries please contact:
Bogatova Tatiana
Zaitseva Elena