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Russian International Conference on
Chemical Thermodynamics

Moscow, June 27 - July 2, 2005

Sections and topics

Section 1. General topics of chemical thermodynamics

  • theoretical problems and novel methods in phenomenological and statistical thermodynamics, thermodynamics of irreversible processes
  • computational methods, thermodynamic and molecular simulation
  • problems of consistence, systematization and standardization of thermodynamic data, databases
  • teaching of chemical thermodynamics


Oleg Yu. Gorbenko, Moscow State University, Chemistry Department
Vladimir A. Cherepanov, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg

Section 2. Individual substances

  • new experimental results for properties
  • development of experimental technique
  • theoretical, computational and correlation-based determination of thermodynamic data
  • novel materials on the base of specific substances


Bulat R. Churagulov, Moscow State University, Chemistry Department
Victor V. Gusarov, Institute of Chemistry of Silicates, St.-Petersburg

Section 3. Solutions and melts

  • results of experimental, theoretical and computational investigation of properties
  • new experimental methods and technique
  • investigation of chemical equilibrium in homogenous systems
  • thermodynamic and molecular models of solutions
  • technology for novel materials


Vladimir A. Durov, Moscow State University, Chemistry Department
German K. Moiseev, Institute of Metallurgy, Ekaterinburg

Section 4. Heterogeneous systems

  • experimental and theoretical studies of phase equilibrium, phase diagrams
  • thermodynamics of phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • properties of heterogeneous systems and methods for their study, composites
  • processes of separation and purification of substances


Vladimir P. Zlomanov, Moscow State University, Chemistry Department
Vladimir M. Valyashko, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Moscow

Section 5. Complex thermodynamic systems

  • surface phenomena
  • colloid systems, polymer solutions, liquid crystals, micellar solutions
  • geological multi-systems
  • biological objects


Sergei N. Lanin, Moscow State University, Chemistry Department
Alexei I. Victorov, St.-Petersburg State University, St.-Petersburg