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Russian International Conference on
Chemical Thermodynamics

Moscow, June 27 - July 2, 2005

Round Tables

1. Teaching of chemical thermodynamics

Valentin N. Parmon, Novosibirsk

2. Nanothermodynamics

Anatolii I. Rusanov, St.-Petersburg

Preliminary programme:

  1. Rusanov A.I. Nanothermodynamics: phase and chemical approach
  2. Smirnova N.A. Thermodynamic modeling in the studies of nanostructured "soft" materials
  3. Suzdalev I.P. Melting of nanoclusters and role of cluster interactions.
  4. Gusarov V.V. Stratified compounds and stratified heteronanostructures.
  5. Discussion

3. Thermodynamics of systems in the external fields

Gleb A. Abakumov, Nizhnii Novgorod

4. Development of thermochemistry in the Moscow State University

Raisa M. Varuschenko, Moscow

Preliminary programme:

  1. Varuschenko R.M, Kolesov V.P. Thermochemistry school in the Moscow State University. Centenary of Prof. S.M.Skuratov.
  2. Vorob'ev A.F. Historical aspect of development of thermochemistry in Russia: episodes of life scientific activity of Profs. V.Sventoslavsky, I.A.Kablukov, M.M.Popov, S.M.Skuratov, V.P.Glushko and K.P.Mischenko.
  3. Miroshnichenko E.A. Combustion calorimetry and enthalpies of formation of elementorganic compounds.
  4. Discussion.

Attendants of the Conference are welcome to contact the organizers concerning participation in the Round Tables